Sunday, February 17, 2013

Draw a butterfly

*super long sigh*

While everyone around me is being super good (or at least progressive) at whatever they are doing, I am a mediocre in everything I do. Utterly hopeless. If God were to give me a homework, this is how I would have handed it up.

And God would grade it like this.

Get it, get it? Cause the caterpillar is slow like me? Pun intended? Hahaha! *slaps knee*

I cannot stop pondering about where this life is taking me. As of yesterday and earlier today, I was so convinced I want to leave this job. And now I'm uncertain again.

"You don't even know what you want, how are you going to make a decision?"
"You need to decide what you want, and stick to it, be serious." 

We all know that one person who always talks about quitting something (job, relationship, smoking etc) but never actually have the balls to do it. We'd give that person all sorts of advise, especially because that person keeps bringing it up. But eventually everyone gets fed up.

I can't believe I became that person. I think i'll stop bugging people. Good for you Irene.

"I don't have to make a decision now." :)

My updates so far:

1. So last time I ranted about studying psychology. I am currently doing Learning Disability and Child Psychology, diploma, second semester, first year. Didn't get to further my studies in another country as I would have liked, but this is okay too. So my boyfriend is dating a college girl all over again. Lucky him?

2. I keep wanting to resuscitate my company, but have never really put in an effort into our marketing strategies. So last month, I made a newsletter and sent them out to many many people.

3. I sent out more than 200. 1 replied saying he is away and will visit after CNY, another came with the husband to pick out some throw pillows. Although she was turned off when she saw the price, I felt happy someone responded! 198 others probably deleted it, now that's what I call Karma.

For someone like me, unable to visualize the path to my future as clear as my peers, or even to make a firm decision right now, maybe it is okay to pay attention to every small step i'm taking first. Bearing in mind that I'm getting closer to that glitter tower of dreams. It's somewhere there, and I'll reach it one day.

Go caterpillar :)