Tuesday, June 19, 2012

People tell me i'm different

People tell me i became different. Like, more cuddly, approachable, easier to locate from a certain distance.

Some tell it differently, like "Walao so fat"

My 2012 new year resolution - 45kg didn't work out. Lol. So typical of me loh. I can't understand why this is the only goal that didn't work out. 

Now I'm sad and alone and in the dark because of this.

Even Birdy and Gotye makes fun of me. 

So I keep eating. 

I got super long hair though. On a bright side. Look - muffin top but delicious long hair!

With all these extra fatness, I decided to join the gym. So now i'm paying extra rm152 per month to make sure that I get my ass off and do some exercise, pay already must go - or not rugi. Chinese mentality, it never dies. 

Okay Irene, adventure starts now. Don't be giving up again.