Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Guardian Angel

I'm gifted with superlative ability to imagine.

I also have irrational sense of fear.

Combined together, that's just CRAP.

So i was brushing my teeth last night, and i suddenly imagined if there was a ghost behind me.

I've always imagined it scarier, like some girl seeking for revenge over i don't know what. Here's a thought though, why are all vengeful unrest spirits female huh? Sexism.

I always turn around to check if there's anything behind me every time i feel the creeps. But then right after that i imagined it's in front of me, waiting for me to turn back front.

You see, my brain is so good it scares the shit out of me.

So last night i decided to think otherwise, i imagined having a guardian angel. This guardian angel protects me :D

It worked!

After brushing my teeth, i lay down and thought more about the guardian angel. They have got to be by your side all the time, right?


If i have one, i'm sure others do too. Look over your shoulders, quick because they're damn good in disappearing.

I think mine looks like this,

Then i realized, if they're always beside us.. that means ... omg. NOOOO.

They know our FB password. But i think that's the least i've got to be worry about. Haha.

Are they friends with other guardian angels?

There must be a thousand 'types' of them. 

It's actually nice to be watched over when i'm asleep.

But that also means ...