Monday, February 28, 2011

I'll KILL you I swear

Living with people can sometimes be a hell, especially among girls (i don't know why must be the hormones and emotions or stuff like that). 

It's hard to tell them to clean the toilet on schedule or keep the kitchen dry for example.

Some leave notes, but marker written notes that go "Please keep toilet clean" don't work.

Unless you do it this way.

Threaten them. It always work, plus it's funny too.

Or you can approach them the super sweet way. Like introducing a cute character.

This is Pinko. We use it to scrub the kitchen sink. Yes we do, yes we do. Aawwh say it with me, yes we do, yes we do.

We keep it dry, and we keep it clean. Yes we do, yes we do.

We can even add a lame humor. Yes we can, yes we can.

When it's all pretty, we put big ass tapes behind them. Yes we put big ass tapes behind them, yes we put big ass tapes behind them.

Then we put them on the wall. On the wall, on the wall. It must be where the problem is. In the kitchen, in the kitchen.

Pretty like mad. Who can say no? Nobody can, nobody can.

Another one. This is for the toilet. We can do this,

or draw a cute pink shit.

And if we want everybody to take turns washing the toilet, put a cute schedule that tells them when to do it. Not "please take turns to clean toilet or I'll kill you".

Look. Yu Yun has to do on the 5th of every month, Tina has to do it on the 15th of every month, and I have to do it on the 25th of every month.

Instead of just that, add in what they should do too. Do remember that in order to attract girls, every thing must look cute. So add that ribbon and eye lashes to the otherwise dull sponge.

Taa daa!! Now I can't wait till it's 25th of March.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I could earn all I want, spend all I want, fuc...

I can enjoy the sea breeze, the pretty high heels and the sweet chocolate bar.

I went to kindergarten, primary, secondary, college and I'm now in a university.

I could try my best to work hard, earn money and buy a collection of LV bags. I could lose weight, go for plastic surgery and marry a rich man. I could start a business, expand it all around the globe and hopefully end up on Forbes front page.

I could. You could. We could.

But then one day I will die, then where will I go?

I could earn all I could in this life, spend all I want, fuck all I want, drink all I want. And at the end, am I only going to be trap in a box 6 feet under?

I recognize my role is different from other creation, such as cats lazing on a grave or an old dog searching for a highway. 

And I know, there's more to the word "Life". 


 You know it too, you just don't want to acknowledge it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Today is Valentine's Day.

Everybody is giving everybody something.

I am saved from humiliation!

Must show off to friends without anything. Muahaha.

fml :(

But anyway 

Thanks for reading!

*muacks love hugs kiss kiss bang*