Sunday, January 23, 2011

The reason i miss church, again.

The van to church is at 6.45 am every Sunday. I went to sleep at 12.30 am that night.



But finally. 

It was already 11am. :(

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vivian Luv

Spent lots of time with Viv Luv this holiday.

First was trip at Ipoh. Her dad is nice, and her mum doesn't like fat people.

Attending Ciara's 1st bd celebration at Ipoh shop lot club :)

 Reached there early, so camwhore first. 

 Complimentary drinks!

Sucks like CRAAAAZZZYY. 

 Ciara! Boy was she happy to see ME! 

 Went home and camwhore again! Got tons actually. 

 Aren't i pretty?

 Vivian and family's pet. No idea what is that squeeky thing.

 Going for breakfast with her family at FO SHAN! 

Which reminded me of a funny story. I thought Fo Shan was a kind of cuisine at first. Was on the phone with Janssen,

Me: I'm going to eat Fo Shan!

Janssen: What is that?

Me: I don't know! :D


Note: The 5 following pictures have been stolen from FB.
 Ciara's pork rib! Her mum is an awesome cook. 

 Ciara is happy cutting the bd cake she baked. 

Which was Super Awesome! 

 Playing games. With LIQUOR!

 Round faces! :D

Came back ans camwhore again. *noms on vivian*

Then it was time to go back Subang without Vivian :(

But she returned near christmas! And we raped La Senza's lingerie store!

 Nice not my body :P 

Super push up with Viv. Hah.

Few days later, we met up again. This time she came over and played games with my nephews.

Then went to my room for makeover!

 Slightly dark. But both so pretty must upload. 

 Pretty mar? 

 At some Taiwan shop. Vivian looks tensed cause we lied to the seat-stingy staff who didn't let us sit at a bigger sofa. He even came and tested us. Anus. 

Vivian Love :) 

I miss you already. Ain't life sweet sometimes?