Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Msn horny girl


Why is this happening to me! Why don't i have a bobo like huiyee, darling like a ma, lau gong like a suang, and those lousy names that i'm very jealous of??

Can't seem to be alone too long. I remember making this silly promise to myself, that i'll never be without a boyfriend. And all those guys just come and go, making me feel afraid every time a new love comes by. It's not that i don't wanna commit, it's just that they can't commit. It's not that i don't wanna trust, it's just that they lie too much. It's not that i'm being stubborn and not choosing one, it's just that i'm too scared to give him all.

Besides, clubbing is way too fun fyi. Clubbing with restraining command, aah, no thanks.

Anyway, you guys know about those spam contacts that adds you in msn. And when you approve them because you thought they're your friend, the first thing they say is: "Hi, sex talk?"

Hahaha. I entertained this lady. Her name is Karen.

This is how she started. Pink is her!

- says (11:54 PM):
 mind talk erotic v me?
  says (11:54 PM):
 you're a guy?
- says (11:54 PM):
 i`m not.
  says (11:55 PM):
 you're a lesbian?
- says (11:55 PM):
 not also
 don worry
 just wan erotic talk
  says (11:55 PM):
 you're a lesbian?
  says (11:55 PM):
 then talk what erotic wor
- says (11:56 PM):
 u got watch porn movie?
- says (11:57 PM):
- just sent you a nudge.
  says (11:58 PM):
 sometimes la

What. I watched because i'm curious.



I started suspecting that she's a guy, i mean, for all you know 'she' could be a guy. And so i asked my other friend to find out about her, he did. Previously she told me that she was 19 years old. Fucking horny 19 year old bitch.

I very mean meh. For all you know she could be blogging about me being a slut what.

(F) Mike says (12:17 AM):
 karen tey 27 years old

Can find her on friendster. But not on facebook. Who uses friendster man.

So i disturbed her.

   says (12:17 AM):
 karen tey 27 years old
 you lie to me
- says (12:17 AM):
 i`m not karen tey ok
- says (12:18 AM):
 i dunno where u found out a karen tey

After that, she says she'll prove to me that she's a girl by opening her webcam. But i'm afraid if she'll show me some really disgusting disease for some weird reason. Then i kept saying no, and when i finally accepted, i covered the screen with my hands. And peek little by little. No face at all.


says (12:22 AM):
 you don't show face then you show what
- says (12:22 AM):
 part to prove i`m gal
  says (12:22 AM):
 i don't want to see breast la
- says (12:23 AM):
  says (12:24 AM):
 your face la!

But she shy.

So in the end i accepted her offer to see her breast. Then she wants to see me, i let her cause i'm not shy. Or maybe i'm just dumb. But i did took the courtesy to print screen it for your viewing pleasure.

But i did took the courtesy to spray paint her email address la.

Nice body. I like. But then she keeps pestering me to take off my shirt.

And after awhile, i got bored. So..

I blocked her.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Old man

Old man. Sketched it from the internet few days ago. I was ultra grumpy. How is it? Still amateur. But i'll improve! =D

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Surrender, surrender, the touch of you.

Dear diary,

Yeah, a pretty sad note to start with. Dear diary. Why doesn't it ever continue with i had ice cream today and it was completely non fat?

I watched Dear John today. I read the book before, it was so much more sadder than the movie. Don't like the girl, she's one of the actress in Jeniffer's body.

You know the feeling, of telling yourself that it's impossible to fall in love with someone, and then that person does simply so many things, to make you feel like that girl in Form 2 who found someone she really likes and is actually considering him as a husband already?

Okay, maybe nobody does that but me.

As the days go by, the apple of my eye, i'll always wait for you.
And as the new day dawns, the darkness moves away, and i will wait for you.
Remember, remember, the face of you.
Surrender, surrender, the touch of you.

Who am i waiting for?

It's tiring.

I go through my days, wondering if i have met that someone. And if these people are lying to me. I feel lonely. Aah, what an emo post.

I wanna sketch.

So many things i want to say here. Too many. Maybe.

I wanna play the guitar. Strum the frustration away.

Don't tell me to change. I refuse. I love how things are with my life. I love my flirts. They make me happy.

What i don't like is, what people say about me.

Just because you don't have the guts to live my life, then don't be jeopardizing my image for your own pathetic sake.

Owh, who am i kidding. These people who talk about me don't read my blog.