Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chocolate Love Making

I had a nice buffet dinner the other night at a nice hotel! Super long ago, but now only got time to upload pictures. This dinner was sponsored by our Japanese lecturer, Mr. Fujishima Norihiko. I think he's so nice after he took us for study trip, and now buffet dinner. Did you guys know? That Japanese people are very generous, he tipped every server in our room 20 bucks! Even the guy that helped us switch on the karaoke machine. Sibeh generous.

Pictures =)

Theme of the night. Got exercises to do wan. Cause he's damn Japanese, have to teach us something before letting us eat.

One of the super cute decorations. According to class rep, this hotel doesn't have much of Japanese theme. And sensei had to make special request to decorate the entire room in Japanese concept.

Nice right the table settings? These are appetizers and dessert section. I have my eyes locked on the ice creams! Spot me!

Sushi. Nuff said. They just keep refilling it. And i kept eating only the salmon. Haha.

I had 5 pieces of this. Was so good i could just tapao. But that'll be embarrassing.

ICE CREAM! I dig green tea ice cream. So good man.

Just mad.

Tempura prawns. Damn yucky. Labuan people stinks at making tempura. The only tempura they are good at is tempura banana - goreng pisang.


My sensei. Cute not? 58 years old this year. So cute, yet so fierce and mean. If only you did his homework before. Can die i tell you. Just lie down and die.

Friday, April 16, 2010

It's stuck

Something happened, something really bad,
something i thought i'd forget, but i didn't.
It stucked on.
It just did.

And i couldn't sleep at night,
Because it feels painful,
On the left side of my cheek,
I know it's my head doing the talking,
It isn't there anymore,
It's already long gone.

But why?
Every time i'm reminded of it, it stings,
It really does.
The problem still remains.

I'm dead.
It's haunting me.
I can't forgive you, i'm not sorry 
I'm not.
I didn't deserve it

You don't stab someone, and say sorry.
I'm not Jesus
Should i be?
I could try
That's the best i could do
I could try

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Deacon Award Night!

Remember i bought the white dress? =) It was for my deacon award night! It was themed nostalgic night, along with the farewell dinner for the 3rd year seniors. Sobs, if i was leaving Labuan i'd cry.

Seriously. Where else would anyone experience bathing at the big water tank in the open air with a towel? Running down to fetch a pail of water when your tummy aches? Squatting around scrubbing clothes.?Being bullied when it comes to lining up to take water? Washing our hair at the water tank and getting our shirt wet? And all the time being an undergrad for International Marketing.

These people that we meet over here, coming from Labuan, Sabah and Sarawak. There's not going to be a big chance in meeting them when i grad and go back to heavenly Subang. Feel sad that few of my seniors will be leaving soon. Who's gonna take care of me and make me milo when i'm super hungry? :(

Anyway! Pictures!

With the two MC of the night. Both 1st year, geng right. 

With Wai Yen. =) Super noisy but fun friend.

She wanted to pull my zip down! 

With a bunch of seniors =) 

Best performer of the night! Denius!

Taking a slighter kinky shot =P

The pretty high ceiling with drapes =)

After my performance.

The end of the night. Super high! Don't know why.

5th bowl of mutton. So good so good so damn good.

My pointer for previous semester was 3.92. I'm so proud of it, praise God =) 

This semester will definitely be harder, cause of my minors and my lousy carry marks. But i really hope i'll be qualified to attend the next year's deacon award night. 

Oh please please let me God. Oh please please please please!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shopping for a dress

Went shopping today for my Saturday dinner's dress. =) Mum super mean, tell me to wear jeans and t shirt for the dinner. Said she'll bank in rm30. FML.

They'll never understand peer pressure. I thought they went through it themselves? Anyway. I find the theme for the dinner weird. Nostalgic night, dress up in your best 60s or 70s outfit.


That's not really nostalgic to me leh. I wasn't born yet wor. 

So i was thinking maybe i should wear high waist pants. OR flare skirt. Leggings, what not.


I found out that my seniors are all gonna go in dresses and fuck the theme.


My roommate gave me the idea of a green jacket and pants, with lots of bling bling. And i was wondering about an airfro. YAO YENG RIGHT!

Oh. Right. Mum gave the idea of a scarf too. Sure it'll go well with a shirt and a jeans.

So here's my shopping trip photos!

Winkee went with me, and was my photographer!

Photo quality not that good. Old Sony Ericsson normal phone that's why. But better than nothing what. 

First stop. Sky Park. Pricey like shit, most of em bon bon, that pink lollipop brand. The black ones has 20% off. The blue is new arrival.

First try. Don't like the dress. But i like the mirror's reflection. ;)

Second try. We actually thought this was not bad!

Third attempt. New arrival. Too long, cause legs too short. Model wannabe attempt. =P

Then we took a stroll to Parkson. Nothing nice there, except for bras. Did i mention Triumph is having a sale till 4th of April? =)

If only i was thinner...

Stumbled into this shop. It imports clothes, bags and boots from Korea and Japan. Not cheap too.

4th. Shinny, tight, slutty. NICE. rm130 though. After much bargaining only manage to get rm120. Don't want adie.

Just look at the curves! ^^ Lucky not straight down YET.

No. FIVE. Super blurry but can still see the dress right? Main point here!

Same one.

no. 6. Same style, gold in colour. Looks tall right?

Can't afford it. rm190. :( This has got to be my fav pic so far.

Frustrated at this point. I liked some, but not very. But i have to get one cause i've got no more time. When irene is frustrated, irene eats.

Stopped for bubble tea and Chai Kuih. Not bad.

*nyam nyam nyam* cannot stop eating.

Went back to Sky Park. (Yes, Labuan is limited.)

Love this material. This is dress number 8. Super low cut though. Maybe TOO low.

Pardon my awkward face. No.9. I actually like this one, 20% off rm80.

THIS! I SUPER LIKE! I found it buried away! no. 10!

See. Super excited. Not much curves though. Hmm.

no.11! Super like too! So going to wear this! 

See! Can zip up and look retro! The material not bad one okay.

~And got pocket too!~

Winkee and I. =) end of shopping.

I bought all of the dresses!

ngek ngek.

No la. Bought the last two nia. Satisfied. Although i only needed one.

Oh please don't tell mummy.