Thursday, March 25, 2010

One day

~And i don't care what they say, i wanna be with you, i wanna be with you, i wanna be with you~

Sometimes i feel ultra lonely, cause i still don't know who's that one.

That one that will love me the way i want him to, and that one that i'll love back like he wants me to.

We'll have reasons to talk all night even when it's 5 years later,

We'll still find time for each other even when we're swamped,

I'll find so much joy just seeing him, and so would he.

We'll still argue over the smallest thing, and making up would be the bomb. 

And at the end of the night, i won't feel like how i feel now.

Like the loneliest girl on earth.

That have had so many, but just couldn't find one.

Wow. An emo post.

Well. I remember saying i'll try my very best not to be affected by boys beginning this year.

I don't know how i get so involve in all these nonsense.

Need a break.

Need to tell myself,

They'll all change at the end of the day.

They all do.

Oh well.  

Chocolates are my best friend. They don't tell me i need a diet, and they're always there to stop my tears. =)

Stop, crying for them. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today! As of now! As of don't know since how long ago!

I managed to create a web page using only PAINT!

I'm suppose to do it for my assignment, and the web page does not necessary have to work.


My web page does not work.


You've got to give me credits for doing it on my own!

I didn't understand what my friends were telling me, go download template la, go la, press this la, use dreamweaver la.


See what Irene did using only Paint.



Super bloody proud.

My website for my company, that sells a new product we invented as a group.

Product's name is Suit Up. It replaces the functions of iron. It smooths the creases on clothes. It's a spray. It heats up via kinetic power, hence it only needs mercury and what not. Light and easy carry. Suitable for traveling people and lazy mothers.

Don't have a picture of it yet. But i do have the picture of the website i created using PAINT!


Click on the picture for a view of the entire web page.

Thanks! =)

Gonna die in class later morning.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

20th birthday! Old edie. Diu.

For my 20th birthday. =)

There isn't much pictures. I celebrated it twice ^^

Once with Alex and friends, he bought me dinner. Sweet huh. But all pictures are in his iPhone, maybe will bug him to bluetooth it to me on Monday in class.

The second celebration was with two of my seniors and old housemates. They are as sweet =D Bought me dinner, chocolate cake and spend me karaoke. How could anyone stand my disastrous voice?

I received not much pressies this year though, my favorite was these silver hoop earrings from Winkee and Florence. Both my ex housemate.

Just 5 of us =) With a round chocolate cake that resembles the shape and color of my face.

Making a wish =) God bless mummy and daddy.

Sweet LEH! 

Don't be jealous, it's hard to be selfless like me.


Karaoke in Strawberry Karaoke. Lousy place, 1 spoilt mike only. But the company was lovely =)


Why doesn't it ever work on me? 

The conclusion of this post is, i bloody need a diet. 

Like, really really really badly. 

Or i'll end up much much rounder.


Dieting officially starts today!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Super ♥ !

My laptop screen.


Super super ♥ !

Super super syiok arh!

Monday, March 15, 2010

On a raft made for one

Here's a shot of vincent at MFM in pyramid. I like their garden fishy something something. Haha. Long time ago adie, but i miss his presence.

I wish i'm back in Subang. =(  I really wanna go home.

It's gonna be my birthday soon.

And i'm feeling ultra upset because growing up only means responsibility and no more playing.

Take me somewhere, where gravity is dead.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Boys before/over flowers. Mad love.

I wanna wanna wanna touch you, you wanna touch me too.

What a horny song. Haha.

I finished watching this show, Boys Before Flowers. Korean edition of Meteor Garden, i reckon it's much much better. And the guys are much much cuter!

Korean F4. SO LENG CHAI! 

Taiwan F4. Haha.

I know damn not fair. Lol. Okay okay, compare nicely.

F4 leaders.  
1. Taiwan - Dao Ming Shi! Quite handsome also la. 

2. Korean - Gu Jun Pyo. Score! Score all! Damn, they look alike. 

The players of F4.

 1. Taiwan. For some reason i don't like him. Lol.

 2. Korean. He wins! He wins! 

The supposed cool F4.
1. Taiwan. I love him because of Autumn's Concerto. Another drama. Heee. 

2. Korean. Lol. Cute also lehhh. 

The emo F4.

1. Taiwan. Cute right. Everybody loves him. 

2. Korean. Score all! Pretty boy wins! I don't care! 

Overall hor, i liked the Korean edition more. Although i admit when Meteor Garden was out i thought they were the cutest ever. And now, even though i can't understand what a single Korean word (i watched with subtitles of course), i'm in love with them.


Korean boy wins!

I don't care.