Friday, February 5, 2010

My new hair. Black for CNY.

I dyed my hair black (actually brown la, but it looks damn black) 2 weeks ago. Did i mention?

So many people giving me comments about my new hair colour after i dyed, whether i asked or not. Funny hor. 

"Tsk tsk, why did you do it irene? Don't suit you la.."
 "Cause i kena denda loh."

"Irene! Why black adie wan! Don't suit you la.."
"Cause i kena denda loh." 

"Not nice la Irene, why you dye it black?"
"Cause i kena denda loh"

"Yr, i not use to it la. So ugly."
"Ya meh.. Okay.."
"Why you so free go change?"
"Cause i kena denda loh"

"Okay la, it's not ugly la, just that i'm not use to it la"
"I got ask you meh"

No la, not saying you guys cannot give comment la. I don't mind wan. Cause i like it! Haven't have black hair since... Form 5?

 Matriculation. Black and curly. Ugly like aunty. Year 2007. 

Black with a tad bit of colour. Better looking la. 

After straightening it at KK as a surprise for my previous ex. He liked it super a lot. =) Year 2008, Sept.

After cutting it short. =) Still straight, but face chubby. Lol. Year 2008, Dec. 

5 days before my 19th birthday! Half black, half brown. Oh no. But hair all dying already, no shop wanna dye for me. 2009, March.

Not sure when. Hmm. But colour is nice hor.

Dyed it purplish red on May, 2009. 

Came back for my semester break, went swimming everyday. Damn clever. Colour came off and became brown again. But from the root la. So not that bad.

Straightened again in Oct, 2009. But don't seem to have any nice picture.

From purplish red. I don't know how.

With the glaring sunlight and a cheapo webcam. But my hair is beginning to shout for attention. Damn not black, and with that hair in this stupid Uni, i know my time is short.

Finally got caught one fine day... And was asked to dye it black, or pay the fine of RM 100. 
so here. black coloured hair cina mui.

Damn cina quality picture. Haha.  

Oooh. Yeahh, that's just one of the many tax free chocolate and liquor shop in Labuan.