Sunday, April 12, 2015

Her eyes

I stared and stared, perhaps a little too much. I could see her gaze at me a little, and then look back down to count the red tens in her hand. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, night, ten. That's not a lot. She's going to sleep with the man next to her for a hundred ringgit. He gave her a kiss and she stared into space. I wonder what was she thinking about?

She sat there with an empty mug, surrounded by people she hardly knows. How could she look so lonely with so many people around? A waitress dropped by to pass a receipt to the man. He moved it further away from him, squinted his eyes, and proceeded to sign it. He winked at the waitress, she left unimpressed.

The girl was trying to separate the money into two sections. She kept some in her Burberry bag, and the rest inside her pocket of her skinny jeans. Then she stared into emptiness again, waiting for the man to finish his drink. I wonder what time does her shift ends.

I cannot cease thinking about that girl, even right now as I type. Surely there is a man, someone she still thinks about every now and then. Like me, someone that my heart is latch onto, with a very elastic rubber band. I move forward and tug and tug at that rubber string, sometimes it pulls me back a little into the memories of him, other times it hurts with each step forward. Does she think about her special person too?

I looked around the pub. Every lady that I laid my eye on was most beautiful in such a special way. Where is the beholder that they deserve? Someone to love, and someone that loves them back just the way they should be.

In all the perfection and wonders, did the maker forgotten to fill this void?