Monday, September 22, 2014

Virgin Water Balloon

Today was my very first time filling up water balloons. I was leaving it till the very last minute of work, thinking to myself "pfft, how difficult can it be?". So it began at 5.00 pm today.

*stretches ridiculously mini balloon*

*opens tap*

*places balloon below the running water*

Nothing but floppy, annoying, small balloon trying to avoid getting wet.

This cannot be right, something must be wrong with the balloon. 

*takes another balloon*


*mini balloon dances in contact of water, like it was ticklish and having fits at the same time*

You got to be kidding me. 

*takes another balloon and repeats error*

I'm not really using my brain here. Come on Irene, what is it? 

Ah, that's right, all the balloons must be broken.