Friday, July 12, 2013


Woke up late, hence drove to work today.

As I was singing at the top of my lungs, I noticed a biker with a lady sitting at the back of him. She was without a helmet on her, but with a baby in her.

Broom broom, the man ignored the red light and swerved across the road into a small lane just seconds before a truck passed. The truck didn't even sound its horn.

And I was just wondering, if he died, did he deserve it?

See, I know bikers who say that car drivers are assholes on the road. I do admit that if a motorbike is on the road right in front of me, I cannot help but to feel what a waste of space - I could be 6 meters more ahead. Haha. I know, I'm terrible.

Back to "Did He Deserve It?", maybe it is the fact that they don't put so much thought and care into their life that people do not appreciate it too. The trucker could care less to push the honk. Would you agree that if a biker rides around without a helmet and died because the head was smashed into something hard like a tree or the pavement, then it would be a little bit harder to sympathise and go "oh how sad, he didn't deserve it"?

If a biker dashes the red light, or ignores the no U-Turn signboard (we probably ignore it too, but bikers are more vulnerable) or simply puts a child in between them, then it is really difficult to feel sorry if something bad happens. I understand that not everyone can afford a car, but I cannot understand disobeying the rules of the road which put themselves in danger and then contribute to create traffic jams that KL has more than enough of.

What about a bicycle?

SAME SHIT. Okay? You use the road, you obey the damn rules.

Whenever I drive around SS 15, and I see a kid on the bicycle paddling as fast as he can at the side of the road when the traffic light is CLEARLY signalling red, it just annoys me. To me, it is only forgivable if he really needs to poop.

What? Nature do make random calls now and then.