Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Normal Irene

Am I the only one that needs the Pretty Injection every now and then?

"Tell me I'm pretty"
"You're pretty"
"Of course"

Then I'll beam and feel so much better. I can totally relate to Trixie from The Fairly Odd Parents. 

Shallow eh?

That aside, I started my new career in a PR firm. It's 11pm and I have just reached home. I feel silly 90% of the time when I started, and now I feel like I have to run whilst feeling silly. The other 10% my brain just stops, just like that. Nothing, nothing comes out and I stare blankly into anything. 

It's so amazing how people in this industry work. Constantly battling with time and building ideas upon ideas. Everyone is competitive and wants the best for the client, for the team and for themselves. I've never been in a corporate like this. Working until wee hours and receiving emails after midnight.

What an experience! And my self-esteem is completely damaged. I don't feel smart anymore, I feel humbled. But most of the time, I feel stupid. 

During lunch today I learned that most of the people here has some issues. Some can't stand slow people and speak like a rapper, some impatient and bite their nails, some pull their hair and some smoke like crazy. 

And just like that, I felt normal again. 

Until 6pm - when the work started pilling in.

Lol. This ain't normal, man.