Monday, May 14, 2012

How to get my diamond earrings

I use to be like that, ridicule people who spend money on expensive things. Think highly of myself when I act thrifty, feel excellent when I manage to rip rm5 off something that cost rm50. Pretty sure I learn all that haggling from Pasar Malam outings with my mother, no matter what, WE MUST ALWAYS HAGGLE. Even if the damn thing costs rm5, haggle till it's rm4.50. Then there was a trip to Beijing, where our tour guide told us, always ask for 50%. So there I was on the street and we found something pretty, and we applied the 50% rule. If the seller says no, pretend to walk away. It worked like a charm.

"This one? 500 rmb, I give you 450."
"No, 250"
"No no, I need to feed my children, buy them toys, they happy, 400rmb best price"
"No, 250"
"Please I am trying to make a living, 350rmb okay? Good quality"
"No, 250"
"I'm sorry, can't do it"
"Okay, bye"
"Okay okay come back! 250rmb I give you but don't tell your friends"

Then I venture into sales, and karma is such a bitch. I use to give in, my boss gives in a lot because he wants the cash flow. But I can't do it, it's just not worth the effort, running after my suppliers, customizing the cushions, dropping by the place for 2 - 3 hours, all the talking and selling, now you like the furniture but you want 50% off?

As i was typing my email, a few ladies came into the showroom. One friend was admiring the beauty of the fans we sell, while another was criticizing it non stop. "You think that's pretty, the price is even more pretty!" - In a very nasty tone.

I use to agree that my furnitures are simply expensive, but then I realize that is a comparison to my bank account and my pay cheque. I learn a lesson form someone successful, measured by physical attributes of course. First, don't scoff at expensive things, like a LV bag, or a pair of diamond earrings, or that nice sports car. If it caught your attention, there is a possibility that you like it. The very core thing to do, is to ask yourself if you would like to have that thing. And if the answer is yes, instead of saying I could never afford it, think "What can i do to afford that pair of earrings?"

Sometimes we stumble on to path where we meet nice people who are willing to buy us things. Other times in life, we meet people who are willing to give us advise about how they got here. And some of their advises are to keep.

Pretty sure I can start giving advices soon enough, as long as I change a few things in me. Everyone can too, don't you think so? ;)