Saturday, February 26, 2011

I could earn all I want, spend all I want, fuc...

I can enjoy the sea breeze, the pretty high heels and the sweet chocolate bar.

I went to kindergarten, primary, secondary, college and I'm now in a university.

I could try my best to work hard, earn money and buy a collection of LV bags. I could lose weight, go for plastic surgery and marry a rich man. I could start a business, expand it all around the globe and hopefully end up on Forbes front page.

I could. You could. We could.

But then one day I will die, then where will I go?

I could earn all I could in this life, spend all I want, fuck all I want, drink all I want. And at the end, am I only going to be trap in a box 6 feet under?

I recognize my role is different from other creation, such as cats lazing on a grave or an old dog searching for a highway. 

And I know, there's more to the word "Life". 


 You know it too, you just don't want to acknowledge it.