Friday, November 26, 2010

I've got cleavage and you don't.

Finals are finally over. Thank Jesus.

I'm stuck here for an extra week, because i need to attend Japanese intensive course for my JLPT Level 3 next Sunday, in Confucius High School. It's in KL i presume?

You know what really turns me off? People who don't think twice before they let something slip from their mouth. These kind of people, never regards another person's feelings. They build their confidence from hurting others, and it's even more disgusting when they try to squeeze a lil' deal out of it.

Like saying, "Omg you're so fat already, here let me eat your share".

This is epic. I was happily munching on my bag of Twisties cause i don't wanna diet cause i'm too lazy and have no confidence that diet will make me thinner compared to liposuction cause I'm cool with my body shit you. 

And this nincompoop said.

"Wow you're eating again, you're going to make me so fat".

BLARDY annoyed but with that cursed curiosity, i go

And the ever so awesome reply came,

"Being around with somebody who eats too much or overweight will make you fat. And you're so chubby. Oh but you're still so cute don't worry.".

Seriously. Who bitches like that?

What i really wanna say is. "You know... you should go die."

But then again.

Cause you know why?

I've got cleavage and you don't.

I'm not even going to say i've got a deeper cleavage than you.