Monday, November 8, 2010

I only get drunk once in awhile

Had a blast yesterday :D

Went to the night service at 7pm with Gillian. Me with killer high heels, long jeans and a normal F21 top. Her with a short skirt and decent blouse.

Took pictures outside the church waiting for Kevin to pick us up. Still looking quite decent, with a bible in my bag.

Hours later. 

What. Oh don't judge me. It was a candid shot :)

Headed off to clubbing cause it's Stewart's birthday!

Getting caked.

Before we were intoxicated with whiskey, tequila pops and beers.

And after.

Gillian blurred out cause she's too slow :P

 Super cute. I like. Eeee :P

Me, Gillian and Vivian

The night was fun :) Stress relieving, although my stress haven't quite build up yet. Exam is in 2 days time! Pray for me cause i'm such a sweet girl and deserve good results.

And i only get drunk once in awhile.