Monday, November 1, 2010

How to fry veg using a rice cooker

Totally getting so good at cooking!

I fried this plate of vegetable using rice cooker! I think i rock. Cause it turned out yummy and pretty and i don't care what you say or think and kindda satisfying :) Really.

See, i'm even sharing my ridiculous recipe cause i have no idea what to blog about cause it's really nice.

(Serving for 1)
1 tablespoon of anchovies
1 or 2 shallot
5 cloves of garlic
10 sticks of four angled beans
3 quarter tea spoon of salt
1 tablespoon of oil

This is how four angled beans look like. It can be stored up to 1 week without refrigerator. Then it'll start turning black and dry. The BEST PART about this vegetable is it doesn't screws with your entire food cabinet by releasing smelly wet liquid to tell you it's rotten. It just turns dry and skinny.

Go ahead. Try it.


1. Heat rice cooker. You may touch the pot to check if it's really hot. If your fingers feel a sting of burning pain, then i guess it's hot enough.

#1 Some people may find it difficult to keep the rice pot "down" whereby it keeps popping up because the weight in it is insufficient. Cover the lid and put a bowl on it to keep it down. Okay, i guess you can use your right Nike shoe. Or Adidas cause it's cheaper.

2. When you're sure that it's hot enough, pour oil. And wait.

3. When you're sure that the oil has been heated up, throw anchovies, chopped garlic and shallots inside. Then wait again.

4. If your rice pot is the economical kind, you know, the cheap kind, you can thus spend 6-7 minutes to wait for it to heat up again. Go on, stir fry it. Till you smell a nice aroma.

#1 Sometimes your garlic, oil and shallots aren't enough to keep the pot "down". Please use a cloth that is thick enough to hold one side down while you're stirring it. Really. 
#2 Don't be sticking your face close to the pot to get a better scent. Because it hurts when the oil unexpectedly 'piaks' at your face. If you just can't smell it, it is not cooked enough. If it turned black, you need to check on your sinus. 

5. Throw the sliced vegetable inside. It is advised by ME to slice it thinner because it is a rice pot dammit. So it's not going to cook that soon.

#1 If you're already at this step and your veg has already been thickly chopped, paint your nails while you're waiting.  
#2 Or maybe you shouldn't bother anymore. A bowl of instant noodle would be fine at this point. Cause if you do attempt to fry something that thick with a rice pot, by the time it's thoroughly cooked, the outer part has turned black.

6. Cover the lid for about 3 minutes.

7. Open again and stir fry it :)

#1 Please refrain from using something sharp and metallic like forks or eye brow tweezers to fry your veg in the rice pot. This is because you'll damage the surface and expose yourself to a possibility of electrocution. 

No, i am not speaking from experience. 

8. Add salt to season as desired. Walaa! 

Simple eh? It doesn't even require step no.9.

Check out the scores i gave myself! 

Presentation: 89%
Taste: 93%
Effort: 102%
Skills: 70%

Beat that.