Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Love the way you lie

It's an emo night.

I have a quiz and a mid term tomorrow, and the next day i have to submit my assignment which i have not even started.

Everybody is studying at the moment, those that are done are blissfully sleeping.

Aah, give me time.

At least give me laundry time.

It's such a warm night. After being on the phone with him, i cried a lil. Not too much, but just a little. Only a little strength was needed to shake the tears and feeling away. I wished i hadn't wake up, when i took the sweaty one hour nap at 10pm. At least i'll be sleeping now, and won't be as frustrated. The fan is right above me, and i'm wondering if it's my dreams that are making me sweat. Was it him leaving me again? Or simply his ghostly images running through my subconscious mind.

The song that accompanied me through the pain two months back was playing on repeat earlier.

'... that's alright, because i love the way you lie.'

Funny. Nobody lied to me.