Thursday, April 8, 2010

Deacon Award Night!

Remember i bought the white dress? =) It was for my deacon award night! It was themed nostalgic night, along with the farewell dinner for the 3rd year seniors. Sobs, if i was leaving Labuan i'd cry.

Seriously. Where else would anyone experience bathing at the big water tank in the open air with a towel? Running down to fetch a pail of water when your tummy aches? Squatting around scrubbing clothes.?Being bullied when it comes to lining up to take water? Washing our hair at the water tank and getting our shirt wet? And all the time being an undergrad for International Marketing.

These people that we meet over here, coming from Labuan, Sabah and Sarawak. There's not going to be a big chance in meeting them when i grad and go back to heavenly Subang. Feel sad that few of my seniors will be leaving soon. Who's gonna take care of me and make me milo when i'm super hungry? :(

Anyway! Pictures!

With the two MC of the night. Both 1st year, geng right. 

With Wai Yen. =) Super noisy but fun friend.

She wanted to pull my zip down! 

With a bunch of seniors =) 

Best performer of the night! Denius!

Taking a slighter kinky shot =P

The pretty high ceiling with drapes =)

After my performance.

The end of the night. Super high! Don't know why.

5th bowl of mutton. So good so good so damn good.

My pointer for previous semester was 3.92. I'm so proud of it, praise God =) 

This semester will definitely be harder, cause of my minors and my lousy carry marks. But i really hope i'll be qualified to attend the next year's deacon award night. 

Oh please please let me God. Oh please please please please!