Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chocolate Love Making

I had a nice buffet dinner the other night at a nice hotel! Super long ago, but now only got time to upload pictures. This dinner was sponsored by our Japanese lecturer, Mr. Fujishima Norihiko. I think he's so nice after he took us for study trip, and now buffet dinner. Did you guys know? That Japanese people are very generous, he tipped every server in our room 20 bucks! Even the guy that helped us switch on the karaoke machine. Sibeh generous.

Pictures =)

Theme of the night. Got exercises to do wan. Cause he's damn Japanese, have to teach us something before letting us eat.

One of the super cute decorations. According to class rep, this hotel doesn't have much of Japanese theme. And sensei had to make special request to decorate the entire room in Japanese concept.

Nice right the table settings? These are appetizers and dessert section. I have my eyes locked on the ice creams! Spot me!

Sushi. Nuff said. They just keep refilling it. And i kept eating only the salmon. Haha.

I had 5 pieces of this. Was so good i could just tapao. But that'll be embarrassing.

ICE CREAM! I dig green tea ice cream. So good man.

Just mad.

Tempura prawns. Damn yucky. Labuan people stinks at making tempura. The only tempura they are good at is tempura banana - goreng pisang.


My sensei. Cute not? 58 years old this year. So cute, yet so fierce and mean. If only you did his homework before. Can die i tell you. Just lie down and die.

lllllllllllllllllllllllll Exam mode lllllllllllllllllllllllll

Believe all local Uni are facing it. One more paper tomorrow, nothing next week, 2 paper the week after. Stupid Uni. Don't know how to arrange wan. I'm having 6 papers this week itself. 

Yesterday i completely burned my Multimedia paper. Stupid minor paper. IF i were to get a high pointer this semester as well, i'll get a scholarship of rm2,500.00 next semester.

You know how many clothes i can buy with that amount arh?

Then came Multimedia. 

Tralalalala ~ and took my dream away.

Maybe my intention should be to give it to charity or church. Haha.


Favourite so far. SO GOOD i can just MELT 1 thousand freaking times.

Purposely saved the wrapping so i know which one to buy next time. Muahahaha.

Easter bunny chocolate from Frey. Ear break already =(
I had the white bunny with my roommate already. So good. 

I know Easter pass damn long already la. But since Alex's friend posted to him from Aussie late, postman also late, he got it late, gave me half late, i ma got it late loh.

Chocolates help me do everything. Make me happy, make me high, give me strength to study, act as a motivation (1 bite every 10 pages - it works okay), keeps me awake. If only it helps me lose weight.

Chocolate Love Making

start slow

let it build up



damn pleased

finishing up, can't just leave it hanging.

final hard licking

 Aahh. And then we start all over again.