Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today! As of now! As of don't know since how long ago!

I managed to create a web page using only PAINT!

I'm suppose to do it for my assignment, and the web page does not necessary have to work.


My web page does not work.


You've got to give me credits for doing it on my own!

I didn't understand what my friends were telling me, go download template la, go la, press this la, use dreamweaver la.


See what Irene did using only Paint.



Super bloody proud.

My website for my company, that sells a new product we invented as a group.

Product's name is Suit Up. It replaces the functions of iron. It smooths the creases on clothes. It's a spray. It heats up via kinetic power, hence it only needs mercury and what not. Light and easy carry. Suitable for traveling people and lazy mothers.

Don't have a picture of it yet. But i do have the picture of the website i created using PAINT!


Click on the picture for a view of the entire web page.

Thanks! =)

Gonna die in class later morning.