Saturday, March 6, 2010

Boys before/over flowers. Mad love.

I wanna wanna wanna touch you, you wanna touch me too.

What a horny song. Haha.

I finished watching this show, Boys Before Flowers. Korean edition of Meteor Garden, i reckon it's much much better. And the guys are much much cuter!

Korean F4. SO LENG CHAI! 

Taiwan F4. Haha.

I know damn not fair. Lol. Okay okay, compare nicely.

F4 leaders.  
1. Taiwan - Dao Ming Shi! Quite handsome also la. 

2. Korean - Gu Jun Pyo. Score! Score all! Damn, they look alike. 

The players of F4.

 1. Taiwan. For some reason i don't like him. Lol.

 2. Korean. He wins! He wins! 

The supposed cool F4.
1. Taiwan. I love him because of Autumn's Concerto. Another drama. Heee. 

2. Korean. Lol. Cute also lehhh. 

The emo F4.

1. Taiwan. Cute right. Everybody loves him. 

2. Korean. Score all! Pretty boy wins! I don't care! 

Overall hor, i liked the Korean edition more. Although i admit when Meteor Garden was out i thought they were the cutest ever. And now, even though i can't understand what a single Korean word (i watched with subtitles of course), i'm in love with them.


Korean boy wins!

I don't care.