Saturday, March 20, 2010

20th birthday! Old edie. Diu.

For my 20th birthday. =)

There isn't much pictures. I celebrated it twice ^^

Once with Alex and friends, he bought me dinner. Sweet huh. But all pictures are in his iPhone, maybe will bug him to bluetooth it to me on Monday in class.

The second celebration was with two of my seniors and old housemates. They are as sweet =D Bought me dinner, chocolate cake and spend me karaoke. How could anyone stand my disastrous voice?

I received not much pressies this year though, my favorite was these silver hoop earrings from Winkee and Florence. Both my ex housemate.

Just 5 of us =) With a round chocolate cake that resembles the shape and color of my face.

Making a wish =) God bless mummy and daddy.

Sweet LEH! 

Don't be jealous, it's hard to be selfless like me.


Karaoke in Strawberry Karaoke. Lousy place, 1 spoilt mike only. But the company was lovely =)


Why doesn't it ever work on me? 

The conclusion of this post is, i bloody need a diet. 

Like, really really really badly. 

Or i'll end up much much rounder.


Dieting officially starts today!