Sunday, January 17, 2010

I missed church today and i lied to mummy that i went.

I missed church again this week. Because i was out late last night. Am i really going over the border?

Church should never be missed. That was what i was taught growing up. But then for almost a year in that awful Tangkak small shit town located near the border of Malacca and Johore, i missed it.

Then i came to Uni. In this awful shit island Labuan with no water. And i started going again.

Now, i've found clubbing and karaoke kakis, drinking buddies and fun people that likes to go out on Saturday nights.

Not to mentioned, i'm single and nobody is there to report to. Hah.

Which MEANS! >> No church on Sunday morning. =/

Or i could try to stay awake in church, but then that's just being half hearted.

OH well.

I promise to go next week. I promise i promise i promise.

Thanks you guys. I didn't know you guys read my blog. And that lecturer messaged me again yesterday evening, seems to be annoyed that i didn't reply or pick up his call. Maybe i should get a guy to pick up, so he'll get the hint.

But i so don't wanna fail. =/


Life kindda sucks doesn't it? I'm hungry like mad now.

It's amazing how i can eat so much and still be so hungry.

If only the words were, it's amazing how i can eat so much and still be so thin. Haha.

Have you guys met Ba? He's in Chee Ping's blog. I think he's really cool. Sometimes Ba would scratch his groin. Awesome.

Who are you showmercy? Tze Hsien arh. Should be lerrr.