Sunday, January 10, 2010

Homework is depressing.

*cough cough*

Beh tahan man. Na beh, till now still coughing.

Maybe that's because i went clubbing last night and had too many drinks.


At least i exercised?

Anyway, i'm suppose to choose a current issue in human resource management and present it during tutorial class. Wondering if i'm suppose to present about something boring like recruitment or something a lil bit more spicy like boss and employee sex. What, it's still human resource what. Oh hell yeah it's management.

Last night was the first time i puked after drinking.

High five anyone?

It's bad to have Martell, Bacardi and Tequila down your throat. And even worse to down it all with beer.

I'm going to be sooo fat.

Probably gonna end my life single, broke, saggy boobs and one fat ugly beer belly.

Sigh, well at least the single part sounds not too bad. Unless i meet someone that's my Mr. Right =)

When is that ever going to happen?

Anyway, i'm not sure if i should take JLPT level 3 this year. It's going to be an extra 3 hours every week for the whole year + two mad intensive course weeks during December. Just the reason why i came back late last holiday and spent whole less time with Vincent, Vivian, A ma and others.

But then i was praying just now, and i realized that i knew the answer all along. =)

Sometimes i don't know when i rant on my blog like this do people read. But i know a few that does. And sometimes i wonder why. And i wonder why i bother to read other people's blog too. I guess that concludes that we are all san pat people with nothing better to do online.

Back to trying to do my homework now. Homework. Sigh. The word itself looks depressing like hell.