Saturday, January 23, 2010

Camera Phone. Mad random.

Having curry puffs for dinner. Bad idea. Cause it's yucky. Now my lips are sticky and i don't know why.

Anyway. I'm glad for people that comes through for me when i need them. =)

Here are some few pictures from my phone's camera. Totally random, no story sequence and bad picture quality.


Last slice of pizza nobody can finish. Even with The Tabasco. 

 I must be really happy that time.

Spot the hidden Chipsmore chocolate! 

There it is! 

 What, i already said it's totally random.

My missing N from my keyboard that i found caught in my umbrella. 
My Entrepreneurship Project. We made RM 300.  Awesome leh!

The lecturer's bungalow from my balcony view. 

Big also no use la. No water also what. Hahaha.

The only sister i have in the whole world. Yes la, she's fairer and have bigger eyes la.  

Her. =)

The horror. I was screaming till i fainted.

No effect on me. But i know a couple of social smokers that might mind.

Nice not?

I helped made. 

 Really la okay.

Doing henna in an Arabic counter by classmates. 

Not bad eh? Rm 4 nia.  

From bus mini no.4's view.

The night where there's no electricity and i have to pass up my homework tomorrow.

Inspiring words taken in the toilet of my church.

The most prettiest roses ever! 

From the inside of a mini cooper =) 

The glorious Pavilion where people awaits for the fake snow. 

Down pour the pretty "snow".

Out ran the people who found out it was soap foam. 

Korean cuisine. I love.

Radish Kimchi! THE BOMB.
A spoon. But it's actually chocolate. 

Super nice okay. From some funky country.  

No. 2 nephew. My heart. Nicholas. Cutest ever.

No. 1 nephew. My heart. Jonathan. Naughtiest ever. 

No. 3 monkey. This one looks like his upset cause i'm holding him so tight.

This is better =) This is Ivern baby. He's the loveliest of all. 

My Eeyore who sleeps with me every night. So ugly but i so love =)

The best thing about clubs in labuan. Entrance fee, RM 15. The most expensive because it was New Year's Eve. Normal days, RM 5. 

 Sorry. This is the best. Look at the bloody price for happy hour. And this is in a pub.

Hah.That's all. Thanks for your time.