Thursday, December 31, 2009

Joseph Arthur

I love Joseph Arthur.

This is the link to his poetry blog.

I love him like mad. His songs, his style, his writing, him on the guitar.

He inspires me to draw, to play the guitar, to sing, to be happy. =)

*hugs an imaginary Joseph Arthur*

Please listen to his songs.

Here's one of my favourite. It's call Honey and the Moon.

That excludes you Vivian, since you say i have bad taste in songs. Hmmph.


I went to for a jog yesterday. Was really pleasant, and i kept pushing myself forward. A strange voice in my head telling me that i can do it. I went for a walk at the beach later on too. It was simply pleasant to have the sun shinning on the left side of my face while i did yoga at a secluded area where nobody was watching (i hope).

I bent down, look at the sea, and said goodbye to yoga. I'll be stopping yoga.

Anyway! Back to the run.

*huffff .. pufff.. i can do it i can do it .. huffff... pufff..*

But there's this weird strenght pulling me back, i call it 'The Lazy Aura". Haha, not bad huh. It just keeps slowing me down.

Hmm, or maybe that's just my fats.

Got to stop eating so much.

Wanna be healthy starting this semester. I've got a spanking GPA of 3.93 for my previous semester. I'm mad happy about it and i know that it was really God that helped me.

By the way!

I failed my 2nd 2009 new year resolution, to be 45kg.


It's the fourth time i've flunk this resolution. I feel so lazy now, for the whole year to work out.


I'm a pig.

It's okay, for the year 2010, i wanna strive to be 45kg!

Not like i'm wishing for something hard like grow taller. Although it's scientifically possible, i'm only 20 next year.

Crap, that's old. No offense. Haha.

I'm a pig that is old and lazy.

Few more resolutions too, that are best only to be shared with closest people i love (that excludes my family cause they can be very judgmental).

I've got a feeling, that it's going to be a great fucking year!

Correction, fucking great year!

Great fucking year is not bad too. *smiles mischievously*