Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Point of turn

It's all about love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

I just yelled at my mum.


I need a change, and i'm thrilled that i found out how much i need it.

Being caught up with Ryan, Randall and Alex really changed me.

These few days was really awesome. In a way that i hung out with older friends, and they just brought me back to how i use to be. Long before i enter the dreadful UMS.

Even church members in Labuan who actually thinks that i'm not ready for so many things, and i need to come to bible classes more. Not that i'm proud, but not saying anything in the classes doesn't mean that i don't know anything about the bible and i'm a new believer.

Yeap, i've really drifted so far away. From myself, from my old friends, from God, from my family.

This holiday, had taught me so much. So much that i'm missing out in life. Drifting away for 3 years is really hard.

I'm back. =)

Thanks Yoke Aun, for the memories you showered upon me. And how much you reminded me again, over the phone when i'm in Labuan, and even when i'm in Subang, our walks together and smses. Even the time you didn't pick up my call when i was dead bored last Sunday. Thanks la! *snorts at you*

Then there's Danny Szeto, who was just warm and nice and somehow always reachable. Nice symphony and metal combo disc from Metallica that helps so much in this process of search. And the mad adorable kitten name Dusty who simply made my day that you saved from a tyre shop.

And Vincent, who never ceased to make my day no matter what. But he's all the way in Spain now. Lol.



Buddha rocks.

Cause he mastered the art of Chilling.

Seriously, this is my point of realization in life. Of who i wanna be.

And what happens next, is how hard am i going to try to achieve that.

Gonna go Opera tomorrow with Vivian, Jee Yeng and some friends. Hope to have a blast!!

Goodnight ^^