Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Words are lie, love is pain, cheat is fun and we are gone

Do you know anyone who's cheating? Because i do. I know a lot in fact, but i don't spill. Or when that someone is flirting outrageously, i don't spill. Is that the reason why it is happening to me? That nobody tells me about the many flings that he have =)

Sure i flirt, sure i do much worse thing. But i conceal it nicely so you won't get hurt. Or when people sees it, they don't pity you.

It's funny how the world changes, how did you change, how did i change. What has become of us, or the guy i use to know. The girl you used to know. The love we thought we had.

I guess words are lies, love is pain, cheat is fun and we are gone.

p/s: i'm not saying i'm right. I'm a flirt too. But spare me some, because i don't boast about it.