Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cam whore is fun.

I learned that if i've got fairer skin, i'd probably be happier. =D

Web cam whoring day.

What i've learned. Not just my own experiences here mind you.

Lesson #1 : Don't do it in public. Oh my goodness. Just don't. Especially if you're alone.

Lesson #2 : Make sure that no one you wanna impress is looking. Like your boyfriend's grandma. Or your boss.

Lesson #3 : Assure yourself that 20 shots and still not one seems nice enough, it's not your fault. Go on with it.

Lesson #4 :  It gets tiring after awhile. Rest, brush your hair and start over.

Lesson #5 : Don't turn on the shutter sound when you're doing it in the toilet. It stirs curiosity. Not the nice kind.

Lesson #6 : If you're using your friend's phone, transfer the files to your phone when you're done and delete the ones on his/her phone. What the fuck is wrong with you. I don't want 50 shots of your face in various adjusted angles.

(Unless you're snapping some kinky shots on your bf's phone and you want him to think of you when he *ahem*, go ahead.)

Lesson #7 : If you're snapping private parts of your body for your own pleasure, please keep your phone with you all the time. If you wanna send them out cause you're really proud (hahaha .. right .. ) then don't throw a fit when your mum ask you what's your picture doing on Gutter Uncensored.

Anyway! I took like 30 shots, and i only found a few that i like. Crap, i suck. How did those girls on Facebook manage to have a whole album with 200 self shots pictures?  

first favorite!



ouuhh, maths is so hard. someone hold me. 

okay, cute probably don't work for me.

  i know you wanna ..

And just one slutty one. =D

Not bad hor. Last time i use to take and give up. Take and give up. Since i'm stuck here and i've got nothing to do, i'll take up cam whoring! Yoohooo!

Here's one i took long time ago. Not bad for a start eh?

Yeah. Fuck you.

*nom nom nom*  (munches on a dead guy's arm)

No, i don't think i have a problem.

*smiles sweetly with a twinkle in my eye* ;)

No that's not a wink you stupid.