Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One and only


Happy birthday!

I've got no picture of us together, probably because we're so vain that every single time we manage to capture a shot together, it's either you're too ugly, or i look fat, or the angle's not right or i'm caught holding a stick.


I love you just so much. For being there, in Australia.

I mean.

For being there when i need you, and constantly reminding me that i don't need a man. And that there is no point being upset over them and their stupid behavior. And all that crap about man. And helping me think of ways to lie to my mum. And telling me i'm hot even though i know i'm not.

And just being a nicest friend ever.

Known you since i'm Form 1. And there was a strong love and hate feeling i have towards you. Mostly hate.


We hated each other. And i still remember vividly, that you told me to roll my big boobs off when it was time to go home.

Remember remember?

Now that i think of it, that don't even make sense.

I'm glad that you've found billy, and that you're doing well and happy there.

Pretty upset that you don't stay near me anymore, but on the bright side once you learn how to drive you can drive me around.


Once more, happy birthday. Be a good girl, and pray every night. As i always do for you. =)