Monday, November 30, 2009

Never stop loving

Dear diary,

So unhappy today. It's suppose to be 1 year for me and him tomorrow. =) Suppose.

There's no water today, yesterday, and two days ago. They've cut off the water supply to our room, and left us with the big tank. No lights once it gets dark under my block, and the roads are creepy at night.

I fell down two nights ago coming down from the stairs, cause it was so dark i can't see a thing. 

Just now while i was bathing with my roommate at the big tank, we heard guy's laughter. It was weird and creepy, cause no guys are suppose to be in our block area? And i was shampooing in my bra.

I cried myself to sleep last night. And i woke up today feeling like crap, without any distinct memory of snoozing my alarm till i'm almost late. It was weird last night, because i keep thinking about things that makes me happy, like chocolates. And almost fell asleep. Though the pain was really throbbing in me.

Then i got up and pray, and i couldn't stop crying till i sleep. Phew.

What hurts more than the truth, is the realization of it. Realizing, where it just strikes you. And you feel the agony deep within. Why get yourself involve with guys in the very first place, irene? Don't mess with love if you can't take the pain.