Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dove shampoo

Yawn ..

Went to the English church service today, Saturday night, 1930. Prefer it over the usual Sunday dawn service, at 0730. Because i have to get up at 0600. It's almost ungodly. Yes it's still dawn to me at 0730. What's YOUR problem instead. Go get a life.

Last night, there's no current. When i'm sleeping.

So motherfucking hot. I got up in a blur and fumbled with the power box thingy. No luck.

Went back to sleep. Because i have to get up in a few hours for Japanese.

Slept during Japanese, friend name Fei kept trying to wake me up. But to no avail. It's 4 bloody hours. Poke la, pinch la, slap la. 20 seconds later i'm down again.

This Japanese is killing me, first by swallowing my extra 2 weeks of civilization in Subang, next by digesting my morning sleep. You know the awesome feeling just to snooze?

Oh. I just bought Dove shampoo. Nice.