Saturday, November 7, 2009

Don't elope with the time. There ain't enough time to be eloped.

I still have many more to go. In terms of exam i mean.

International Marketing. Just found out from my seniors that my lecturer's tips are those that are not coming out in the finals. Great.

Consumer Behaviour. 7 chapters of pure theory and shit.

Business Communication. Guide to writing email, resumes, memos, reports. 4 chapters nia. But if don't study still will die, right.

Japanese. Elope. What's elope you say? Elope means fuck.

Science and Quantitative. Should be able to procrastinate.

Business Statistics. *pulls hair* Chapter 5 to 12. I hate this so much.

Entrepreneurship. Done and over. I hate the lecturer. Ms. Raihana. So wannabe Rihanna. Okay, i'm bummed. I just don't like her. Not even one single tiny bit. I think she should just stay at home and rot instead of spread knowledge. What kind of shit knowledge can you get from a lecturer who doesn't use spell check for her slides and talks constantly about how great she is. Bull. Elope off.

I just post in facebook my view of no.1 rule to studying.

Now, let the last minute late night restless crash course study mad procrastination effect whole shebang began.

All the suay, go away.

Hehe. It rhymes.

Last piece of advice,

Don't elope with the time. There ain't enough time to be eloped.