Sunday, November 22, 2009

One gruesome moment

Dear Lord,

They called me spoilt, a bimbo and a big lie,
But X-Files said the truth will set me free,

Or was it the bible, i can't remember.

You said to persevere when people mock,
But you know it's so hard to not give one fuck.

One fuck about him, just one. No?

You know my strength, i appear so strong,
You know my nights, the pain the sting.

I want to pray, but the tears the scorns?
Then devil called me, and oh it worsens.

To play along and lie to win,
To put him down and give him pain.

And yet another night when i sleep,
I wonder why my phone still don't bleep.

Where's the apology, where's the sorry,
Where's the i'm bad, i suck, please don't leave me.

It's never heard of, because he won.

I let him think,
That i don't deserve a thing.

Oh at least i still have the peace,
The clean conscious that lies in me.

You've always bestowed two fucks about me,
Listening, strengthening and walking by me. 
And i'm glad about the devil's call i missed,
This nightmare this pain is not to be missed.