Friday, November 13, 2009

Arts, ruined.

What pisses me more than anything about my University is their lack of appreciation for art. I felt so dumbfounded today when i flipped through the monthly subscription of National Geography magazines in my library today. These librarians are obviously too blinded by the guidelines of their religion that they acted in such a crude, unsophisticated manner. Your religion, doesn't and shouldn't affect the non followers in any way. If this is too much for your viewings, then you should probably just label it as untouchable for your kind.

You lame assholes. These are arts. And you paid to subscribe it. And National Geography paid to include these rare photos in their magazines, for your knowledge, for your viewing. Not for a wank off moment if that is what you think of every time you see a pair of boobs.

So much so that you have to use black marker pens to ruin such rare photos and arts. 

And the fact that female artists who wants to perform in Malaysia are better off performing with t-shirt and black pants.

It's so obvious who are the ones who need help. And who are the ones seeding curiosity in their offspring. Still don't know where will over loaded curiosity get you eh?

Oh. I love sausages. So unhealthy, but nice. Like when they deep fry it? Yum.