Thursday, October 22, 2009

Money can help you have a great time looking for happiness =)

I have two mid-terms tomorrow!

2030 - 2130 Entrepreneurship
2200 - 2330 Consumer Behaviour

Mad. But should be okay to handle. I hope. Heh.

But i'm coming back this Saturday, 24th! YippeE! One week worth of relaxation, yoga without limits, jogs in my neighborhood, play time in the park with my nephews and definitely the people i will be meeting that is making me soooo excited!

But i have to bring back one assignment. Dammit. And notes to study. Double damnation.

Ooh. Saw this in the newspaper the other day. Definitely agree with it.

Went to the library to study today. Managed only 1 chapter and a half. Spent the rest of the time fooling around. But all in all, i think studying works only when you're least stressed up. My results in Matrics was shit i know, but coming here and learning to loosen up a lil' and having tons of faith helped like mad. Also, last minute revision seems to work. Haha.

By the way. Does anybody paint their toenails and fingernails in the exact same colour?