Monday, October 26, 2009

Life is like a box of chocolates

Cheeps says it isn't. Wei Jie doesn't think so too. I think it is, partially. For me, it's like many many boxes of chocolates.

Sometimes it's pleasant and nice. Like Ferrero Rocher.
You know, like when someone random praises you randomly. Or that peck on your cheek by your boyfriend for no reason. Or when you get pleasing results. Or when you done your assignments. Or when you're on your bed. Or when you have a good hair day. Or finding out your craps are delicious.

 like could be like a nice box of chocolates

Sometimes astonishingly nice, like Bounty.
Like unexpected results, like unexpected gifts. Like when you expected your lecturer to pile you with assignments and she turned out to have diarrhea on that day of class. Like when you flipped the pretty heels over and find out it's on 70% sale and your size is available and new. Like finding a parking right in front of the entrance of Center Court in Mid Valley. Like spotting a broadband lying ever so lonely on your brother's table and he's not around. *weeee*
hope everybody missed this. 

Sometimes orgasmic. Like Sex.
Like sex. What. DIY is a form of sex too. Oh come on, don't deny it. 

mmh. orgasmic.

Sometimes too damn sweet, like Cadbury or Nestle's milky chocolates.
End up you get sick of it, or loss your appetite for dinner. Like guys that make so many sweet promises. Yes, i know you can tell by now i've had my heart broken many times. Like the amount of durian you swallow and get ulcers under your tongue the next morning. Like smoking ultra happily then saw your aunt staring at you and you start worrying if she'll tell your mum. In this case, after feeling sucks hell a lot.

Sometimes depressing, like made in Malaysia Nips.
Mmh. That's just total disappointment. Like a horrible blind date. Ugly presents. Giving birth and realizing the supposed father is not the father. Haha. Like when You tube is lagging. Like overcooked beef. Like the end of a nice book. Like a shop that decides to take a day off on the day you happily skipped there for something. Or like that cheaper item on the menu that makes you regret. Or like a friend that never changes his attitude and continues to talk about you no matter what.

Sometimes overrated, again like Ferrero Rocher.
Enough said.

Okay. Sex is not a chocolate. Not that i know of anyway.

And sometimes, life just seems wrong. Like this that i saw in the Labuan jetty.

Anyone wants a box of hot chili chocolates as a symbol for their life?